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Hans Bjørn Paulsrud has been a driving force behind VIKEN Technology Cluster since its inception. He has now handed the leadership baton over to the new CEO, Tore Ausland, but will remain in the wings and ensure continuity.

Tore Ausland has extensive experience from more than 30 years in the Oil & Gas industry. He has been associated with VIKEN Technology Cluster for some time and now steps up to take on the CEO role. Tore founded Quality Group AS, Rena Quality Group AS, Ferdocean AS, and Ferdocean Shipping AS during his career. He established international subsidiaries, showcasing his extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. He has held several key executive positions, including CEO of Quality Group AS, COO of Langset Group, and CDO for Rena Quality Group AS. Tore has also held numerous board membership positions, further demonstrating his expertise in business development.

Tore Ausland
Tore Ausland

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