Artificial intelligence industry 4.0. AI factory manufacturing autonomous unmanned management process development engineering technology by hand touching CPU icon.
Artificial intelligence industry 4.0. AI factory manufacturing autonomous unmanned management process development engineering technology by hand touching CPU icon.

A strong and exciting cross-industry cluster in Norway.

Regardless of industry, the market is rapidly changing, largely due to accelerating global digitalization. Generally referred to as Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution.

Measured in value creation, government revenue and export value, the supplier industry is still Norway's largest industry. For the next 20 years, it will most probably remain as Norway's foremost industry.

In 2016, 1,763 people were directly employed in the supplier industry in the Østfold district. In 2013, there were 1,854. This shows that businesses in the VIKEN region have had a high degree of adaptability following the downturn in the oil market. Competence is being used in other market segments.

VIKEN Technology Cluster 4.0  embraces many industries. Mainly small and medium enterprises with a wide range of specialities. The companies are mainly from the Østfold district and the southern part of Akershus.

Supply chain opportunities are still extensive and varied, but, generally, major changes in the industries involved is essential. This opens many opportunities for innovative players with smart, cost-effective solutions and products.

Competence in the cluster companies can be developed through interaction at all stages and levels, and exports, not least, have significant potential. Work is being done to put into place the best possible framework and conditions for growth and development. The Østfold and Follo districts have good, central locations with excellent freight solutions readily available. A highly competent and efficient logistics industry in the region gives companies more competitive advantages.

Main objective:

Contribute to substantially strengthen and develop the competitiveness of participant companies.

Digitization is creating rapid changes in the market. A binding collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation enables cluster participants to be better equipped for transition, development and growth.

VIKEN is a cross-industry cluster of companies that, through interaction, will strengthen competitiveness through adaptation, innovation and competence building.

VIKEN Technology Cluster 4.0 will further develop its cooperation with NMBU (The Norwegian University of Life Sciences), HiØ (Østfold University College) and other R & D institutions, both nationally and internationally. Broad collaboration with other clusters and networks is important for achieving our goals. Learning from the best!

The following working groups have been established to enable participant companies to interact to solve common challenges by utilizing interdisciplinary and cross-industry competence.

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    VIKEN Executive Forum

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    VIKEN Competence

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    VIKEN Digitization

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    VIKEN Resources

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    VIKEN Insight

For participating companies, VIKEN Technology Cluster 4.0 shall be a significant tool for facilitating transformation and innovation, and for developing competitiveness in markets characterized by substantial change.

VIKEN Technology Cluster 4.0 is facilitated by MNU: