Industry 5.0
Industry 5.0

A strong and exciting cross-industry cluster in Norway.

VIKEN Technology Cluster is a cross-industry knowledge and innovation cluster. Our members are large industrial companies, small and medium-sized supplier companies (SMEs), entrepreneurs, higher education centers such as Østfold University College and NMBU, and financial institutions whose geographical focus is the east Viken area. Member companies have more than 3,800 employees combined and are primarily involved in developing machine and equipment solutions for offshore and land-based industries. 60-80 member companies and others regularly attend the cluster meetings to discuss new markets and technology, contribute to knowledge sharing, and initiate research and development projects.


Driven by your purpose .


Shaping the Future – a catalyst for member success through cross-sector collaboration, value chain optimization, and cutting-edge innovation.​


Fostering strategic partnerships, optimizing value chains, leveraging applied science, and spearheading groundbreaking innovation.​


  • Increase members' financial strength, competitiveness, competency, and ability to innovate
  • Increase employment at member companies as result of new products and services
  • Significantly reduce member companies' environmental impact, transport, and production costs
  • Strengthen and concretize cluster's offering to start-up companies and SMEs and expand services offered
  • Strengthen member companies' international position and opportunities with focus on research, development, innovation, entrepreneurship, and international cooperation

Focus Areas.

Markets of the future

  • New business models
  • New technologies and expertise
  • Increased exports
  • Communication and marketing

New value chains - innovation and growth

  • Rapid prototyping
  • New business models and R&D and I's
  • Service development
  • Lean Startup

SMART Production

  • Digital production analysis
  • Production and AI
  • Robotization and automation
  • VIKEN Academy

SMART Logistics

  • Autonomy
  • Collaboration and coordination
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Sustainable logistics solutions


Research and innovation

Research and innovation are critical for increased sustainable growth, restructuring, and exports. We advise and assist in setting up research and innovation projects.

Digital Maturation

Our digital analysis model uses methodology developed by Fraunhofer IGCV in Germany. An analysis identifies production optimization potential and acts as a catalyst for companies' R&D and Innovation projects.

VIKEN Academy

We collaborate with higher education centers and academia to develop relevant constant education programs and competency enhancement activities for our partners.

Eik Lab

In collaboration with Eik Lab, we carry out innovation processes covering: Prototyping • Programming • Simulation and market analysis • Electronics • Design • 3D Drawing

Interdisciplinary workgroups and professional forums

The cluster organizes meeting arenas for project development work, competence-sharing workgroups, and professional forums.


One of the cluster's objectives is to open doors to new markets and increase sustainable exports from Norway. Our international network of clusters and partners helps us identify and develop new offerings and services.

For participating companies, VIKEN Technology Cluster shall be a significant tool for facilitating transformation and innovation, and for developing competitiveness in markets characterized by substantial change.

VIKEN Technology Cluster is facilitated by MNU:

Simple Timeline

2011 - The term "Industrie 4.0" was publicly introduced in April at the Hannover Fair.

2012 - In October, the Working Group on Industry 4.0 presented a set of Industry 4.0 implementation recommendations. Rapid acceptance by forward thinking companies and countries follows.

2013 - VIKEN Technology Cluster 4.0 is established.

2015 - The term Inudustry 5.0 is first introduced on December 1st 2015 in article published within the LinkedIn social network by Michael Rada. Acceptance is delayed while companies and countries embrace Industry 4.0 to the full.

2022 - VIKEN Technology Cluster 4.0 changes its name to better reflect the total effect and changes incumbent in both Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0.